2016 Charge Conferences

Charge Conference Information for 2016

 Saturday November 5, 2016 from 9:00 am until noon

at St Luke's United Methodist Church, 100 W 86th St, Indianapolis

As United Methodists we are connected. How and why is this important?
What's so special about Central District and Central Indiana? 

All 109 churches in the Central District will gather together for one charge conference and together find the possibilities that connection in Jesus Christ gives each of us. In addition to the business required by Discipline, the morning will be filled with music, worship, praise and inspirational speakers to make this an EPIC Charge Conference to experience! Pastors are required to attend along with several members of the lay leadership; however, this event is open to any member of a local church in the Central District who wants to attend!

  • As a witness to our commitment to local missions and community outreach, and to affirm children and youth as well as the agencies relying on your generosity and that of the mission arm of the Central District, Metro Ministries, Inc, we ask everyone attending for a "price of admission" donation. Churches are encouraged to help fill the collection boxes at the Super Charged Conference November 5 (9 am-12 noon) with any or all of these items.

Suggested donations are hats, mittens, socks, blankets, new coats and/or something from this list (items identified by ministries as very needed):

  • chapstick, underwear, bags of apples (Fletcher Place)
  • coffee, creamer and sugar (Roberts Park Homeless Outreach)
  • winter clothing items (Vida Nueva Ministries and Brightwood Community)
  • art supplies such as markers, crayons, construction paper, paints, colored pencils (East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center, Inc.) 

To help make a memorable impression, each church is asked to make a sign to identify your church. Click here for Instructions.

Holy Conferencing in a brand new way!

  • Because all churches will have the same date, all online charge conference reports must be completed by
    Friday, October 7.
    This will allow time for the district office to process 109 churches' reports. In 2015, 85% of churches were not approved on the first submission, so please be mindful of this due date.
  • Once approved you will need to get signatures from leadership* and return the signature page only to the district office no later than October 28. (Keep a copy of the complete report for church records; after the Charge Conference we will send a copy of the signature page with the District Superintendent's signature affixed to add to your file.)
  • NO paperwork will be handled at the event.
  • * SPRC chairperson, Trustees chairperson, charge conference secretary, council chairperson and finance chairperson in addition to all appointed pastors sign the signature page of the approved reports.

Event details: 

  • We will begin promptly at 9:00 am so come early to have a cup of coffee, gather and get settled. We will end at noon.
  • Churches are asked to make and bring an identification sign. See specifications and instructions here. (While instructions indicate that one-sided or two-sided is acceptable, two-sided signs are preferred for easier identification.)
  • Childcare is available with preregistration only. Email or call the Central District Center(317-924-4140) with the name(s) and age(s) of the child(ren) you wish to register. Please provide a snack, drink and any supplies needed for your child(ren) such as diapers.
  • Due to transitions within the district and conference, our programming has changed somewhat. Bishop Trimble will not be available due to responsibilities with the Council of Bishops. We will still worship together and there will be several speakers and a panel discussion that will motivate and inspire you. You will see what's so special about Central Indiana and the Central District!

To access the online reporting system, direct your internet browser to http://chargeconference.inumc.com.(Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended)

Click Here for the Charge Conference Training Guide

Access to the report feature is through the pastor's INUMC.org email. The pastor may add additional users. (All lay users were removed after last year's charge conference were completed.)

Because your committee work needs to be completed weeks before your reports are due, here are some steps to take now to be prepared.

Trustees and SPRC – Annual Parsonage Inspection is addressed in the Book of Discipline, ¶258.2.16. You may complete the inspection and air quality test at any time of the year. Your charge conference reports require the date of your annual parsonage inspection and air quality test. Send your Parsonage Condition Agreement form and air quality test results to the district resource center at the time of the inspection and test. Parsonage walk-through form is available here. Reports without these inspection dates will not be approved. Additionally, Trustees are responsible for all the property and assets of the church. The location of records with the county are required to be listed on the Trustees report. Income (or loss) to investment funds, as well as the intended use of any income should be listed on the report. Reports without these items will not be approved.

SPRC will want to begin the process of setting the 2017 pastoral compensation in time for the church/administrative council to approve the compensation several weeks prior to your charge conference report due date.

[The following items will be available later in the summerClick Here for Minimum Compensation Guidelines for 2017. The 2017 health plan information and rates may be obtained by clicking here.]

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development identifies and invites spiritual leaders for positions to carry out the ministries that fulfill the mission of making disciples and transforming the community. Your local congregation’s 2017 leadership with contact information is part of the charge conference report, and is one of the important votes taken at your charge conference.Please be sure addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are correct and updated.

Report forms are found in the Charge Conference Appendix:

We would also like to receive your annual budget and a written pastor's report (there are no forms for these) prior to the charge conference.

Each church's clergy MUST attend and the bishop and cabinet have determined that at least four laypersons  plus the pastor need to be present to be a legitimate charge conference.

Because the format of the charge conference is completely different this year and 109 churches will conduct business at the same time, it is essential that all reports be completed and ready for approval by October 7 to ensure they are complete, accurate and that the District has time to review and approve the reports. After approval you will need time to get signatures and return the signature page to the District by October 28. No paperwork will be received at the Nov 5 event.

To access the charge conference reports, go to http://chargeconference.inumc.com

Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers. The program does not work well in Internet Explorer


Still have questions? Contact us at 317-924-4140 or email Julie or Robin.