2016 Newly Added Health Plan Option - HDHP


Several participants have requested this option, which allows a person to save additional dollars towards long-term health expenses.  The H1500, High Deductible Plan, joins the C2000 (Consumer Driven Health Plan) and the B1000 (Preferred Provider Option Plan) as Conference choices for 2016. A description and comparison of each of these plans may be viewed in the presentation found here.

Review the HDHP Benefit Summary and HDHP FAQ's.  

Participants will choose their plan option for 2016 during Open Enrollment in early November.

If after reviewing the Presentation on the new Plan Design, participants with questions about the plan can call Kim Spencer of First Person Benefits Advisors on the following dates and times.  

- 11/12 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM  EST (Open Enrollment Period)

The phone number for Kim is 855-620-4108.


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