2015 Health Plan Information and Rates

The Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits have set the 2015 Rates for our Health Programs. These rates can be found on the Conference Website under the Administration, Benefits Page. We are happy to report that rates increased by a modest 1-3% for 2015.

The INUMC has a broad Health benefit available to its participants, including both a Preferred Provider Plan (PPO) and a Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP). Please note that for 2015, the deductible the PPO plan is increasing from $500 per individual/$1,000 per family to $750 per individual/$1,500 per family, as the former $500 deductible is no longer available in 2015. The information provided shows this change.

As a part of both plans, a Wellness program is provided through Virgin Health Miles and includes a yearly screening program, walking program with several reward levels and, with the PPO program the option to lower your premium costs by participating on both a Wellness Screening/Physical Exam with form completed by your doctor.

We are continuing our Wellness ministries for 2015. Information on two benefits of our Wellness program are explained below.

Qualifying for the lower Health Rates and Deductibles for 2015, including links to forms and Health Quotient

Please be aware of the following dates by which these wellness benefits are earned.

Qualify for a lower Health Insurance Rate in 2015

The HealthFlex Wellness Screening through Quest Diagnostics is available until August 31 and must be completed by both participant and spouse, if both are on the health plan. The Screening must be scheduled through Quest Diagnostics by calling 866-908-9440.

If this deadline is missed, you may have a wellness exam by your doctor by having the doctor complete one of our forms and returning the form to the address on the form by October 31, 2014.

Physical Form

Qualify for a Lower Deductible in 2015

The Health Quotient must be completed by both participant and spouse (if the spouse is on the plan), by September 30, 2014, in order to receive a $250 lower deductible for a single plan and $500 per family (with spouse) on your health coverage for 2015. The health Quotient is available through the HealthFlex/WebMD website.