100 New Points of Light


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Introduction to 100 New Points of Light

100 New Points of Light is a campaign of the Indiana Conference to add 100 new worship services, Bible studies or other organized efforts by Indiana’s local United Methodist churches to reach new people with the light of Christ. Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner expects many of these new faith communities will be “off-site” in a location outside existing church buildings, while others will be at “off-times” to reach new people beyond our typical worship services.

Surprisingly, more than 300 Indiana Annual Conference members and guests, representing 201 congregations, crowded onto the stage at the Indiana Convention Center during the 2014 Indiana Annual Conference Session responding to Bishop Coyner’s plea to the 100 New Points of Light in their local church to help fulfill the mission of the church.

Values undergirding this vision include:

  • Reach the un-churched,
  • Reach the de-churched,
  • Follow Wesleyan Theology,
  • Be lay-driven,
  • Empower laity,
  • Focus outwardly,
  • Engage with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, and
  • Accept failure and learn from it, because this is a pilot program.

Each of the200+ participating congregations has or will receive a packet of information to assist pastors and other leaders in their desire to add a new point of light. Each congregation has or will be assigned an advisor to work with each one to help establish that new point of light as well as enable them to receive, if they choose, $500 from the Indiana Conference to assist in the goal of establishing a new ministry.

This webpage is designed to assist each church in that goal of establishing a new ministry.