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April 26, 2014

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May 17, 2014

"What is Your Price?"

During this Holy Week we remember that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a human slave in those days. Even though Judas betrayed the location of Jesus and his disciples so that the authorities could arrest Jesus at night, Judas was certainly not the only betrayer. Simon Peter denied three times that he even knew Jesus. And right there in the middle of the story of Jesus' arrest it says, "then all of the disciples forsook Jesus and fled." --More--

North Texas leadership development specialist coming to Indiana Conference staff


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana United Methodist Bishop Michael J. Coyner announces the appointment of the Rev. Aleze Michelle Fulbright as the first Director of Leadership Development for the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church effective July 1.

Fulbright, who lives in Allen, Texas, currently serves as an Associate Director at the Center for Leadership Development in the North Texas Conference, based in Plano, Texas. She plans to attend the Indiana Annual Conference session May 29-31 to begin meeting people and learning about the needs for lay and clergy leadership development in Indiana.

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First Christian of new Indiana Conference confirmed in March

Glory  Sighting NEW PARIS, Ind. – Sunday, March 30, was a special Sunday for our Indiana Conference. The first person to become a Christian after the new Indiana Conference was formed was confirmed. How can I say the “first person to become a Christian” with such boldness? Let me tell you her story. It happened October 4, 2008, the day the two former Indiana United Methodist conferences held a special uniting session in Indianapolis, which formed the new Indiana Conference. On that day, I rendezvoused with my family on the way home. My daughter, Elizabeth, was with me in my truck. We started to talk about the new conference, faith and Jesus. I asked her if she wanted to pray, to confess her sin and accept Jesus as her savior. She said “yes,” so I pulled safely over and lead my daughter in a prayer of salvation. So, while I cannot prove she is the first Christian of the new Indiana Conference, she certainly has to be one of the first. The seeds of her faith were publicly celebrated on March 30, when she and her confirmation classmates were “Confirmed in Christ.” Christ is working among us. The Gospel is being proclaimed, verbally and visibly. Another generation begins its work and play for the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. From my perspective, the church is in good hands for yet another generation. Shalom.

– Submitted by The Rev. Rob Nelson, pastor of New Paris Grace and Milford United Methodist churches

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