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"Helping and Not Hurting"

 There is a fine line between helping and hurting. Even when we try to help, sometimes we over-do that helping and it can become hurtful. Books like “When Helping You is Hurting Me” have reminded us of this truth. Books on parenting also often remind us not to smother our children but to allow them to leave the nest of our parenthood. --More--

Langdoc clergy couple welcomed to Greencastle

Glory  Sighting

GREENCASTLE, Ind. – Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner recently shared this Glory Sighting: This sighting comes from Gobin Memorial UMC in Greencastle, where we (Marsha and I) participated in the worship service that included my “finishing” the Commissioning of Bryan and Maureen Langdoc as the new pastor (Bryan) and United Methodist-related DePauw University chaplain (Maureen). The Director of Spiritual Life for the campus was there to officially welcome both of them, with some emphasis of course on Maureen as chaplain. Bryan and Maureen were very well received, and DePauw sponsored a reception for them after worship on the lawn of east campus. One other Glory Sighting of collegiality and connection – Sam Padgett (Indiana Conference’s new Associate Director of Leadership Development – Clergy) and his family attended the worship service at Gobin just to demonstrate his support for this new clergy couple. I asked him if he had any prior connection to Bryan and Maureen, and he said, “No, I just wanted to be with one of our new clergy today who will be in RIM (the Residents in Ministry program), and this way I got to be with two of them at once.”

Howe pastor sees God at work in giving towards member's seminary education

Glory  Sighting HOWE, Ind. – The Rev. Jean Ness of Cromwell, Ind., pastor of Howe and Pretty Prairie United Methodist Churches in the Northeast District, shared a Glory Sighting about a member at Howe named Whitney, who is a student on course to become a deacon attending United Methodist-related Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ind. She said that Whitney had contacted her in early February saying that if her church could raise $1,000 by March 1, she could receive a matching $1,000 from the denomination and another $1,000 from Garrett-Evangelical resulting in a $3,000 total for her education. Ness said she had a dream on a Saturday night about how to raise the $1,000. She said, “God gave me a plan. (I don’t usually say that, but this thing came so fully formed that I feel it had to be God.)” The next day, she shared with her church council the plan asking them for the first $500. During the service, Ness gave her own $100 and challenged the congregation to follow her lead. Following the service she asked the council, “How much more do we need – $100?” The council replied, “Zero dollars!” To this Glory Sighting, Ness responded to her District Superintendent Dave Michel, “We raised $1,000 for Whitney in no time flat. So the check was cut on Monday and Whitney will have $3,000 to help finish her education. God can do things that we doubt are possible – if only we believe!”

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